Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, September 14, 2009

The twins are at war

What happens when you get to an intersection and both paths offer things that you want?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giger, oh Giger

I woke this morning and had this GIGER image in mind. It IS my favourite piece of his. Then another 13 share equal second. Pure unadulterated genius.
Yet again I am looking for stuff. Prints. Books. More Prints. Exhibits. Paperwork. Enough with looking for things. I need food.
Back to Giger for one sec. You rock.

I blame the digital camera

It's interesting how things change, day to day but even hour to hour. We all find ourselves in a position of darkness and then something happens that makes you feel that it was worth the ride.

I once said that 'time stops everything happening at once'. It's a great line. It gives me hope that things will right themselves.

We tend to trivialise things so much as we live in such a disposable world. I blame the digital camera. It's taught us some pretty evil ways. I remember taking loads of photos as a kid and running down to the chemist in Coogee to get them developed. I remember the cost of developing being the sole reason to get my weekend work there as well. I needed to fund my habit. In my eyes the photos were all good. Every single one of them. Most out of focus and blurry, but I would always look for an iota of good in each of them. I tried to save them for the trash. Jesus, even the 'black' photos taught me something. Usually to take off a cover. Now its typically 'click and delete'. We only keep what we consider perfect. What a waste of opportunities.

Alright, so I say all the above and I will guarantee that I will still use my DSLR. I will also like to add a disclaimer, that as much as I live and abide by some of the silent rules of a digital camera-like world, I prefer and look for the Polaroid in people.

Monday, September 7, 2009

option a) or option b)

hunt or be hunted
freehand or stencil
make over or fake over
matt or semi-gloss